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Zhejiang JSL Vehicle Co.LTD

Zhejiang JSL Vehicle Co.LTD

Established in 1999, has more than 15 years experience in production electric bicycles. We are a professional vehicle company with design, development, production and sales. Our company has won "Zhejiang outstanding private enterprises" honorary title, passed the international CE 15194 authentication, ISO9001: 2000 certification and SGS certified factory, products mainly exported to the European Union, Japan, Australia, etc.



B.C. government will give you $850 to buy an ebike if you give-up your car

2019 07.18

The province is giving people incentives to cycle in an effort to double the number of active transportation trips


New Arrivals Of JSL Will Show At 2019 Autumn Canton Fair

2019 09.28

October is the harvest season, in this autumn when the maple leaves turn yellow and the wind is cool, JSL Vehicle Co., Ltd will also embark on the journey of the Canton Fair. This